Our Story


Hi, my dear friend,

I'm so glad to create this brand and to gather persons who love vintage and ethnic styles like you.

Date back to 4 years ago before my wedding, that was a rough wedding mainly aim to accomplish the mission for pleasing my parents. My husband and I both thought love is the only important thing instead of any others like house, car, diamond, wedding etc. Yeah, we even didn't want a wedding.

We kept receiving relatives and guests at those days before the wedding, and one day I received a gift from my cousin brother's wife. It was a little-potted plant which was all handmade by herself. Totally amazing cuz how could people make the flower and leaves with just the wools and it's able to stand right there in the pot. There were some agates and jades for decorations by the way.

I really didn't know how it was made but that was so marvelously gorgeous and unique. It valued much more than money and anything you can get by money.

My cousin brother and his wife are a diligent couple. When I worked in a factory with my cousin, I saw how he was hard working and how crudely he wore. So I bought him a nice shirt as a gift. I haven't talked too much with his wife, but I can feel that she was thankful for a simple kind heart and that's why she made me the handcraft with such a kind heart and her best wishes for my marriage. I appreciated that so so much.

Now I'm a mother of 2 girls and I realized how so many details about love that worth being cherished. A handcraft comes with so much warms than those cold items came from machines. Especially when it was decorated with ethnic elements in vintage style.

A uniquely gorgeous thing was made by hands with warm and special culture for you, who else still want to follow most people for those expensive copied luxuries? I bet you don't.

My friend, may you keep your real beauty infinitely with all freedom in the way of fashion and love.

One World, One Me.

OneMe founder