Why Would the Vintage and Ethnic Styles Live Longer?

In the field of fashion, the vintage and ethnic occupy a special place, some website even put an additional category for the "vintage". The ethnic elements are everywhere in clothes, bags, shoes, pieces of jewelry etc. When most people follow the most part of modern things in those e-commerce platforms, designers will never give up to find inspirations from vintage and ethnic stuff. It seems no matter how time flies, the vintage and ethnic styles still live and will live longer. Why? 


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The more vintage, the more classic, the more ethnic, the way chicer. If you wear in the gothic style or in the Chinese Qing dynasty princess style in the street, trust me, people will all watch at you with adoring eyes, like "OMG that girl is so damn cool, how could she be that fearless despiting on people's eyes and words? I wanna be her friend!" Bingo, keep it.


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Minimalists obey the "Less is more", it works in some cases like in the home decoration. But imagine if someone keeps this principle in everything he/she uses, what a boring life it may be. I think the path to the beauty and fashion should be with freedom, we can try everything we like or anything makes us feel comfortable. The ethnic styles including Indian, Maya, bohemia and Chinese minority are all with multi colors and interesting images which worth trying again and again.


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Besides the colorful factor, the artistic side of vintage and ethnic stays really deep inside and need people who can be able to get the historical culture and customs behind those amazing designs. The ancient human might always get inspiration from the great colorful nature, that's why we can see the designs are way more artistic but not chaotic. Art comes from life, they got it much earlier before us.


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The attitude in fashion becomes so important. For example, nowadays we can see many ins style or musically style comes like suddenly getting hot. More and more people follow it then buy it even unthinkingly cuz they insist that was fashion. Hold on, do you think it really is? Absolutely no. We only keep picking what we think it's cool but not follow the general trend, that is the attitude with so much confidence. In that way, fashion will never kick you out cuz you look pretty cool inside and out.


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Tired to read what those fashion editors wrote in magazines like "This year A is hot, and B is out of fashion." Come on, was it stated in any law? Then why would I listen to someone who tells me what is fashion and what I should buy even at an extremely high price? No way. When we face to our favorite stuff, it's not about the price. You're not really who you are when you wear a bunch of expensive luxuries that you bought by running up your credit cards. However, all of our vintage and ethnic earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets, and anklets are affordable for most people. You can have a lot of choices in this style which is about natural materials, artistic designs, and favorable prices.

These are the 5 points why the vintage and ethnic style would continue longer and longer, maybe you've found more reasons, tell me then.


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