How To Pick Out The Unique Earrings


Every day before we head out, we have so many kinds of stuff to think about how to match in styles. After a basket of clothes for comparison and for trying on, trust me, it's still undone. Cuz you'll feel like there is one more thing needed. Right, so we come to the jewelry.

Actually, I would never suggest that you wear all kinds of jewels on body from hairpin to earrings, necklace, brooch, bracelet, ring, waist chain, anklet etc. Come on, your body is not a display shelf,okay? lol Remember, everything should be followed with the principle of moderation.

And today let's start from the earrings. Obviously, earrings are the jewels which should be on our such sensitive organ, ears. Therefore the perfect earrings can always come with a sexy and mysterious temperament. Then how to pick a pair of unique earrings, here I have 6 points in my fashion thoughts ocean.

1, Tonal Collocation. The color point seems so basic and maybe everybody already knew to think instinctively. But I still want to make primary emphasis on it every time when I organized the thoughts for any fashion item because it's too important that I think it should not be ignored no matter when. We have to consider the color harmony and tonal collocation. For example, girls like pink, but if you wear pink earrings when dress on a red skirt, honey it won't look better than you keep your nude ears. Because the inconsistent colors make you look rustic. Plus if you want to wear green earrings, you can match with green, light gray, light yellow, light khaki, off-white and white. White clothes match with all colors of jewels while black clothes cannot. Just like the colors of the OneMe Heroine vintage earrings, yellow surround green, end with green and echo the yellow. All come into harmony, and the luster is warm and translucent.

2, Shape Innovation. People follow the rule "Less is more" today, but they forget the limitation of innovation. For me, the creative thing looks always attractive no matter it's contracted or abstract. We should keep exploring more possibilities on the way of the fashionista wonderland. The shape of the OneMe Heroine antique earrings is a fan. Feel curious? You can google about the Chinese traditional fan culture. The fan is not only can bring the cool air in summer but also a fashion accessory for the elites and literates in ancient China. Use the fan element in jewelry design is quite enough to embody the innovation and uniqueness. A simple round pearl, or the amazingly gorgeous vintage earrings? To be or not to be the unique one in your world, that's your own choice.

3, Material. Usually, there's a misunderstanding like "The price matter the jewelry materials the first." However, when you wear a luxury gem while dressing the counterfeit Burberry, it doesn't mean that you are the honorable one that people think you are. Cuz you're even not the real yourself, and you know you're pretending. Come on, vanity has nothing to do with the fashion and beauty, never. So forget about the price, keep an eye on the quality. At least it's not plastic like you're playing a joke with kid's toys, it can be also cool if we try the alloy, solid wood, agates or ceramic. See the OneMe Heroine handmade vintage earrings, the yellow agates and green aventurine beads were handcrafted threading on the bronze alloy. Each detail looks so delicate and solid. Touch it like we can feel the handcrafted warm.

4, Face Form Improvement. Take a note now, people rarely notice it. Everybody has different face form and it's a usual thing if your face form is not that ideal as populace's aesthetic. No worry, the earrings can be magic stuff to improve your face form. Remember, pick the triangle or tassels or one with long pendant when you think your face is too round or wide. Because on that way it can more or less perfect your face size in visual sense. In the same way, pick the earrings with round or square elements if your face is kinda in long size or with a too sharp chin that annoys you. Coordination concept seems to work in all matters. And the style of the OneMe Heroine handcrafted earrings fit most people's face forms since it contains both the round elements and end with a pendant.

5, Connotation. Every item was made with a connotation I believe. The designer would not design an item without any meaning unless he/she really wanted to show the meaningless concept and with none functions neither. Then that designer must be insane or that was the final design before he/she got So pls don't try anything which you can't get it's connotation cuz pretending to know what you don't know just seems so dumb. Item even has a soul I think, no matter it's simple like a dollar sign earring or a snake ring. Try the one that you found it's just what you've been looking for. And don't stop exploring the connotation in front of the one that makes you be curious, you can ask from the seller, from the books or you just google it. Get the connotation of item helps you gain the knowledge somehow and makes you become a tasteful person.

6, Attitude. Maybe you gonna question like "What does it have to with the attitude? Come one, I just need to wear the earrings." Ok dear, let me tell you what is your attitude when you wear all things in commuter style, you don't care about your styles and looking anymore, basically you didn't realize your uniqueness and you've been told so many years that you're just ordinary and that takes away your confidence but you don't want to change. My dear friend, be brave to try on anything that fits you and makes you special. Because you have your inherent special side since the day you came to this world.

Don't be ordinary. Accept your uniqueness and show it with the most freedom.


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